The Belt and Road

I China-Thailand Cooperation

  1. In October 2018, STIEI established a friendly and cooperative relationship with the Institute of Vocational Education, Bangkok (IVEB), Vocational Education Committee of the Ministry of Education (Thailand), which initiated the cooperation and communication of vocational education between China and Thailand.

  2. STIEI has organized two industrial robot training camps for students of IVEB , which last for two weeks, including professional training, Chinese, corporate visits, cultural exchanges, visiting experiences, and sports interaction. In addition, the two sides also actively carried out leadership consultations and exchanges, and the interaction and construction of teachers. The quality of training and internationalization of the school has been highly recognized by the IVEB. On this basis, STIEI and IVEB have reached a consensus after constructing Shanghai-Bangkok International Institute, an overseas branch of STIEI, in Thailand, and jointly carrying out personnel training. The Shanghai-Bangkok International Institute aims to cultivate international technical skills for Thailand and serve the Thai economy and society and Chinese-funded enterprises in Thailand.

  3. On May 14, 2019, in the witness of Mr.Boonsong Champabhoti Special Advisor of the Prime Minister's Office of the Thai Government, Shanghai-Bangkok International Institute was officially established, which was jointly established by STIEI and Minburi Institute of Technology.

  4. In October 2019, we welcomed the first batch of 23 Thai students. According to the jointly developed talent training plan, Thai students need to complete 3 semesters’ professional study at STIEI. In addition, our teachers will guide Thai teachers in the implementation of talent training programs and education. Thai students who have successfully completed their studies will receive diplomas from both China and Thailand.


    IIChina-Morocco cooperation

  5. In November 2018, the Dean of the School of Science and Technology of Mohammed V University of Morocco and his party came to our school for a visit and exchange. The two parties reached an agreement on cooperation and exchanges and signed a memorandum of cooperation. China and Morocco will carry out mutual visits and exchanges between teachers and students within the framework of cooperation, and build a professional Luban workshop.