Student Chen Guangyao won the "2019 Shanghai University Student Person of the Year"


Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Education and Health Commission and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission jointly released the list of 2019 Shanghai University Students of the Year. 10 students including Chen Guangyao from the School of Communication and Information Engineering of our school were awarded the 2019 Shanghai University Students of the Year.


Chen Guangyao was born in a poor farming family in Anhui Province. He was physically disabled at birth and could not take care of himself, so he had to rely on a wheelchair for life. In the process of growing up, he overcame the physical inconvenience and the pain of surgery, and used his tenacious perseverance to challenge life. He worked hard and excellent in character and learning, and won many awards and honorary titles.


During the epidemic of this year, he signed up as a volunteer to assist the community in collecting statistics on vehicles, distributing leaflets and other tasks to protect the health and safety of the people.


Chen Guangyao will inspire more students to surpass themselves, take on the responsibility of the times and be a dream chaser!