Endeavor is at the time, pursue a dream to start again The school held a grand graduation ceremony for 2020


Endeavor is at the time, pursue a dream to start again

The school held a grand graduation ceremony for 2020

In mid-June, the school held a different graduation season for the 2020 graduates. The school held a series of activities, such as the Cloud Class Meeting-Taking the Four History as a Lesson, live up to your time and do not lose your dream , the last class meeting before graduation, the Cloud Messages-a poem written to Alma Mater”, the Cloud Blessing- “Record what you want to say to him/her before graduation”, the cloud ceremony-Youth never drops away.

On June 26, the school's 2020 graduation ceremony was held as scheduled in the C108 lecture hall. The ceremony was first conducted using a combination of live ceremony and cloud live broadcast. All graduates either came to the ceremony site or gathered in the cloud to participate in the unforgettable moments. The graduation ceremony was presided over by Zhang Tao, deputy secretary of the party committee and deputy principal of the school. All school leaders, leaders of the second-level colleges, and counselors of the graduation class attended the ceremony.

First, Mao Yuting, deputy secretary of the school's party committee and secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, read out the The Decision Recognizing the Excellent Graduates of 2020. Vice president Dou Zhengyan and Fang Linzhong awarded honorary certificates to outstanding graduates of Shanghai and outstanding graduates of the school respectively.

Tao Enlong, a graduate of the School of Design and Art, and an excellent graduate of Shanghai in 2020 made a speech as a representative of graduates. He expressed gratitude and reluctance to his alma mater. In the past three years, the school has carefully taught him to stick to his ideals and perfected his personality. He called on everyone to have the encourage to take on the responsibility, look up at the stars ,down to earth, forge ahead in tenacity, and achieve a better self.

The schools vice president Xu Deming presented the graduates with a bookmark engraved with the school motto and magnolia flower and a jade seal inscribed with the graduates name. The souvenirs express the hopes for graduates to soar high and make contributions. He also received graduation donations for the school.

Yang Xiuying, deputy secretary of the party committee and president of the school, gave the final lesson to all graduates. She pointed out that in the past three years, the school has made a series of achievements, and the students also witnessed the rapid development of the school. P resident Yang put forward several requirements to the graduates, to make great achievements, be down-to-earth, no afraid of difficulties and work hard.

Afterwards, the school leaders issued graduation certificates to the graduate representatives and took a group photo.

At the end of the ceremony, the school party committee secretary Tian Qin gave all graduates a party lesson. He said that 2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. This epidemic war has fully demonstrated China's ability, strength and charm, and these great spirits will become the most precious wealth in students' lives. Secretary Tian emphasized that students should regard history as the best textbook. The Chinese nation has always been a nation has gone through many trials and tribulations. To carry forward the national spirit is the power to achieve the goal of two hundred years. Students should adhere to learn practical work, practice excellent skills and constantly improve the quality and ability to adapt to the development of the times and the requirements of the career, and grow into a social pillar that can be used effectively and shoulder great responsibilities. Students should start from small, from the grassroots, step by step, and walk out of the splendid footprint.

In the different graduation seasons, what changes is the form, what does not change is the school's eternal expectations and blessings for the graduates. In the warm applause of teachers and students, the 2020 graduation ceremony officially ended.