Working Together to Fight the EpidemicChina-Thailand Friendship Warms Our hearts


Working Together to Fight the Epidemic

China-Thailand Friendship Warms Our hearts

In order to implement the spirit of the National Vocational Education Work Conference and the "Decision of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of Modern Vocational Education", in response to the national "Belt and Road" initiative, our school and Bangkok Vocational Education Center in Thailand established China-Thailand Shengu College in May 2019. The college is equipped with an international student counselor and several student volunteers to manage the daily affairs of international students. In the fall semester of 2019, 23 Thai students from Shengu College completed the first stage of industrial robot technology at the School of Machinery and Energy Engineering. During this period, the school properly arranged the study and life of international students, so that they mastered professional technical skills, and at the same time, understood the traditional Chinese culture, and smoothly integrated into campus life.


A friend in need is a friend indeed

China and Thailand is a family

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Thai students have always been concerned about the situation of the epidemic. Thai students Wang Zhenyu and Lan Mingjie hope to cheer for China by recording short videos. This idea has received positive response from other international students. Lan and student volunteers from the School of Machinery and Energy Engineering Li Zhihao and Song Jingxuan completed the post-editing of the video, forming this blessing video from thousands of miles away. In the video, the Thai students expressed their deep concern for China in affectionate Chinese. They have always been close to China and wished China an early victory over the epidemic.

Though separated by a mountain, we’ll share the same clouds and rain

The bright moon belongs not to a single town

During their studies in our school, international students have acquired professional knowledge and learned about the traditional Chinese culture, and also established deep friendship with Chinese teachers and students. Before leaving China, they expressed their gratitude to the warm care and help of Chinese teachers and students. During the winter vacation, they still kept in touch with Chinese teachers and students and paid close attention to the situation of China's epidemic prevention and control. The teachers of our school also paid close attention to the students' study and life after they returned to Thai, and reminded them to consolidate their achievements in learning Chinese and gaining professional knowledge through the Internet, so as to prepare for the second stage of learning. The encouragement and blessings from the Thai students show their deep affection for the school and China, which will not only help us win the epidemic battle at an early date, but also promote the further development of the cooperation between China and Thailand in vocational education. After we work together to overcome the epidemic, we look forward to meeting you again on the bright campus!






(Author: Liu Yue)