From the Top, to the Knee. What are riding gears for?


Remember the previous post that discussed about safety knowledge? Let us continue a bit about riding gears!

Riding Gear

From this point, there are probably 2 types of riders. One who knows that using riding gears is to ensure safety riding and just want to recheck their gears with this article, the other one who does not know or does not care about safety gear but curious about the usefulness and effectiveness in using them. There are a lot of articles and advice from other riders saying that we should wear (safety) riding gears, but here let us get a little deeper on what are these riding gears for? What do these gears protect? What if I don’t wear several gears listed? And which one are you?

From the top to the toe. Let us begin from the helmet, goes down to the tops & jacket, gloves, pants, and footwear.

For me, this is the most important gear that you have to wear. What you want to look out while riding your motorcycle is your head. Whatever of the accident that occurs, if you smash your head to the ground or other objects, you may get fatal injuries and the worst, death. Sadly this important thing is sometimes neglected by riders. Other than “smashed head” from accidents, helmet also protects you from dust, sand, water (from rain or water splash), and other small objects that may hit you around the head.

SHOEI Helmet

Another important thing to wear is the jacket. It is more common to see people wear jacket than helmet, probably because if you do not wear jacket, you can feel it right away. Not to say helmet is not that important, it is still the most important part in riding. What does jacket do for your safety. First, riding means you are dealing with the wind. If you do not have protection, you may catch a cold and that is not nice. It warms your body (especially when its windy and raining) and protects you from little objects coming into your shirt, and also becomes the first contact if you have an unfortunate accident.

Motorcycle Jacket

Definitely not for punching people in the face, but to protect your hands from first contact during accident. Other than that, glove also warms your hands just like jacket warms your body. It also helps you to powerful grip to your handles. People usually buy gloves with knuckle protector because it is safer. Your knuckle bones is pretty vulnerable to accidents, so protect them! Also in my experience in riding, gloves help you in throttle control while cornering.

Motorcycle Gloves

If you are not using a one-piece suit/jacket which protects your upper and lower body, then you have to wear pants. Pants protect your lower body parts (leg and knee) from first contact during accident. Sometimes if you fall, there is a possibility that you will slide with your pants. If you are not using a proper protective pants, you will have a bad time enduring the pain. It also works just like jacket and gloves to warms your lower body parts.

Motorcycle Pants

Shoes also important to protect your feet and toes. Since there are vulnerable bones within your feet, so you might want to keep it safe. Also while riding sportsbike, changing your gear with slippers sometimes hurts, and with shoes you can switch gears easily. Other than safety, shoes also protects you from dust, sand, and debris.

Riding Boots

So, what do you think of wearing protective gears while riding? Is that really important to you? What is your purpose of using these protective gears?  For me, its for our own safety, because things may happen without any plans before, right? But please don’t set your purpose to avoid police officers, that is a very bad mind set, which leads to a bad habit. I hope this article is useful for all of you! Enjoy and Ride Safely.


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