Turn Signal Neon Light for CBR250R or Ninja 250R


Hey guys, I just bought a new turn signal from Otista Cawang. One of the store sells quite stuffs for motorcycle modification there, and I picked this turn signal for my CBR250R.

Turn Signal Neon Light

Product Information
Name: Neon Light
Model: SHM178
Price: Rp 60,000


Because the model does not actually support the design of the CBR250R, I did some modifications on the attachment for it to fit the hole. But overall, it fits perfectly.

Turn Signal Left SIde
Turn SIgnal Right Side

If you would like to install this on Ninja 250R, I’m pretty sure that it will not require any modifications on the attachment (CMIIW). What do you guys think about my this? Leave any comments or questions below, okay? Cheers!

Arvy Este
Founder and Writer of Inside Helmet


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