City Ride: Things to Bring With You


Preparation and preparation. Here are things to bring with you!

Going out for weekend riding in your city? There are several items to be prepared for you to have a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you want to go on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, in the morning or at night, alone or with your friends, you have to prepare for some things that may help you or your fellow riders. In this post, I will share with you the things to bring while riding our motorcycle. Note that these are not the things that you must bring, but should be brought for you to be ready in various conditions in city riding.

1. Mobile Phone (preferably with GPS) and Your Wallet

No doubt that these days, almost everyone bring their mobile phone everywhere regardless of the type and brand. Therefore, mobile phone also becomes one of the thing that you should bring if you want to go out and ride. Mobile phone is useful to give a call or send text message to anyone if you have something critical or if you are meeting up with your friends. Plus, if your mobile phone has a GPS system, it helps you if you want to go somewhere that you do not really know where or when you are just lost somewhere. Other than mobile phone, we also need wallet. Not the wallet actually, but the things inside such as money, ID Card, and Driving License which is usually stored inside our wallet. My parents always remind me to at least bring some money so if anything happen (such as broken tire, or low on fuel), we are prepared to pay the cost.

2. Bottle of Water and Snack

It’s not like we are going to go picnic at the park or something, but bottle of water and snack is necessary to be brought on our trip. We must not let our self dehydrated and hungry, because thirsty throat and hungry stomach could lead you to sickness and as well disturb your riding concentration. If you do not want to bring it with you, at least you bring some money to buy them if needed. But it is recommended that you prepare at least bottle of water from home.

3. Raincoat


There was a saying of “Ready the umbrella before it rains” that I regularly hear, but who would want to hold an umbrella while riding a motorcycle? What we actually can bring to prepare our self in case it is raining is a raincoat. Raincoat is very useful for you if you do not want your clothes (most of it) to get wet during rain. Raincoat is also useful if you bring stuffs that you do not want to get wet with such as your laptop. Unfortunately in some weather condition like heavy rain, raincoat might not be able to hold that much, but it is still better than wearing nothing.

4. Extra Clothes

If you are the type that sweat a lot when riding, or you have an activity that can wet your shirt, you will need extra clothing. Extra clothes is very important if you sweat a lot. Riding with wet clothing is not recommended which can make you catch a cold or as an Indonesian we say it “masuk angin“. You do not need to bring several clothes, just one extra shirt is actually enough.

5. Basic Maintenance Kit

This is probably brought by default since basic maintenance kit is already provided from the beginning. Basic Maintenance Kit is a must to bring if you are going out riding your motorcycle. No one ever knows what could happen to your motorcycle. The simplest thing that I have experienced is that when my side mirror was loosen, with the basic maintenance kit that I have, fortunately I could tighten and it was repaired in no time.

6. First Aid Kit

It’s not that I am exaggerating, but always prepare from the smallest thing. You do not need to bring a whole pack of first aid kid, but bandage and antiseptics is already enough. If you have a scratch, it is not recommended to leave it open while riding your motorcycle as the scratch may catch bacteria which may cause an infection. If it seems that it will not be used for you, it still can be used for others that is unfortunate, and you can help them.

7. Self-Defense Equipment (WITH LEGAL USE)


And again, it’s not that I am exaggerating, but in a specific situation such crime may happen (and I pray that it will not happen, but we have to be prepared right?). For us at least to be prepared to defend our self, we may need a self-defense equipment with legal use of it. It’s not like we have to injure someone, but we have to avoid injures to our self. Another method to defend yourself is also by practicing self-defense technique which is safer but requires time to learn. Above all that, it is better to avoid such difficulties by ignoring any suspicious person(s) and get away as fast as possible. Some say that if you got out after 00:00AM, it is better for you to ignore the traffic light and keep your distance from anyone not from your companions. If it is inevitable, and you really do not have any self-defense equipment or learn any technique, if its your belonging that they want, just give it… Or use your helmet at least.
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Riding in the city streets can become a wonderful and refreshing activity, especially on the weekend after days of unending work. Whether you are prepared or not with your trip also determine the outcome of your riding experience. Not every list have to be brought with you, but it is recommendable and depends on the situation and the kind of trip that you are going to. I hope that the list helps you and may you Enjoy and Ride Safely!
NOTE: These lists are also applicable for trip outside the city.


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