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In Indonesia, while Kawasaki is known as the first mover of 250CC class sportsbike, and Honda who came with their 250CC fuel injection, what will happened on next year in 2014? With the popularity of 250CC class in Indonesia, Kawasaki dan Honda have been doing great in introducing their motorcycles to the sportsbike lovers. But as we know, Kawasaki and Honda are not the only motorcycle company that dominates Indonesia, there are Yamaha and Suzuki as well. With the new year coming a head, there are news that some of these companies will bring another big approach towards their customers.

Within this post, I will refresh your mind, introduce you, and also discuss about the upcoming updates from these big motorcycle companies.


With its 2-cylinder engine, new look, and new Fuel Injection engine brought to Indonesia this year, Kawasaki will still keep up to catch the heart of sportsbike lovers with their Kawasaki Ninja 250R FI and Ninja Z250, and also their high end product such as ER-6N and Ninja 650. The new look of Ninja 250R is similar with Ninja ZX-6R and the engine is now upgraded with Fuel Injection system, while Z250 brings its powerful figure of a naked bike on 250CC class of streetbike.

Kawasaki Motorcycle


Honda brought the Honda CBR250R as a gateway of fuel injection motorcycle in Indonesia. Excel in their ergonomic position that suits Indonesia (especially Jakarta) road condition and economic fuel usage, CBR250R became a choice for sports bike lovers. Other than the 250CC class, Honda also brought Honda CBR150R and Honda CB150R. In 2014, Honda probably will also release the new model for Honda CBR250R (CBR300R) that follows the look of its brother, Honda 1000RR Fireblade.

 Honda Motorcycle


As far as now, Yamaha has not yet launch their sportsbike in Indonesia, until the announcement that came up recently that Yamaha will bring the sportsbike to Indonesia in the year of 2014. There are 2 sportsbikes that Yamaha considered making its way to Indonesian market, one is Yamaha YZF-R15 which is a 150CC SOHC engine that its release has already been announced for 2014 and the other one is Yamaha YZF-R25 (or YZF-250R) that its arrival plan is still unknown.

 Yamaha Motorcycle

Big news for the big bikes in the big year of 2014. Who will win the hearts of the sportsbike lovers and which side are you on? Of course each bikes are great and ace in one to another, and different person has different riding styles which also contributes in  their motorcycle choices. Nevertheless, all riders with different bikes share the same passion in riding. Enjoy and Ride Safely!


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