Incoming! R6 and R1 to Indonesia, R25 to Come Somewhere in 2014


A bold move yet a good potential for Yamaha to come into a “bigger” market. It has been announced that Yamaha Indonesia has brought Yamaha R1, R6, Tmax, and Vmax to Indonesia. Yamaha has been playing around with their street bike, Vixion, for the moment and has not yet come to reach the sportsbike market. But now, not only that it will come with R25 (250CC) in 2014, but they also have brought the supersport series of R6 and R1 to Indonesia. The price? We know that this is luxury goods and when it comes to Indonesia, the price is skyrocketed. Due to the low tax in Indonesia such as gas price, etc, the price of supersport bikes will not be as the same as how it is sold in other countries. Eventhough the price is quite high, the market segment that they are targeting does not seem to worry much about the price.

R1 No Package – Rp 335.000.000
R1 Safety Package – RP 350.000.000
R6 – Rp 220.000.000
Tmax – Rp 185.000.000
Vmax – Rp 500.000.000
*All are European Spec*

Picking up one?

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