[Photos] Kawasaki Z250 Test, We Switched Bikes


Kawasaki Z250 'Front'

Today, I had to exchange my Honda CBR250R with my friend’s Kawasaki Z250. I am very excited that I could borrow his bike for some test and new riding experience. We switched our bike and has started to share our experiences using both bikes.

Bike Owner: Hizkia Tangdilummi

There are some modifications that he did to the bike which are:

  • Bee Tech Carbon Exhaust
  • Battlax BT92 120/60-17, 150/60-72
  • Rizoma Replica Side Mirror
  • Local made Hugger (bought from Otista Street)
  • Local made Radiator Cover (bought from Otista Street)
  • Local made Fuel Tank Pad (bought from Otista Street)
Kawasaki Z250 'Radiator Cover'
Local Made Radiator Cover
Kawasaki Z250 'Front2'
Front view
Kawasaki Z250 'Exhaust'
Bee Tech Carbon Exhaust
Kawasaki Z250 'Side'
Left side view
Kawasaki Z250 'Speedometer'
Kawasaki Z250 'Tank Pad'
Local Made Fuel Tank Pad (Half Protector)
Kawasaki Z250 'Back'
Back view
Kawasaki Z250 'Side Mirror'
Rizoma Replica Side Mirror

So far, I have tested riding it by myself and with a passenger to near places with low traffic density. The test will continue until the bike will be returned on Saturday, February 1, 2014. More detailed review and experience will be posted next week! Enjoy and Ride Safely!


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