November Traffic Madness in Jakarta


Wednesday, November 13th, 2013,

was probably one of the worst traffic jam that I have ever experienced in Jakarta. Due to the unending heavy rain in the afternoon to the early evening, some areas in Jakarta was flooded. One of the area is Cawang, and it was the way that I went from my office. I left my office at 16.30PM and head directly to Cheesecake Factory in Tebet. Not far from the office, Semanggi, is where the madness started. The road was still slippery, and motorcyclist were coming out all at once since they were waiting for the rain to stop as well. Starting from in front of Plaza Semanggi, countless of cars, motorcycles, and buses had already been stuck in the traffic. It took about one and a half hour for me, riding a motorcycle, from Semanggi to Tebet (which normally takes only about 30 minutes on normal traffic jam). It was hellish, madness, and tiring.

Not only the traffic that was driving me mad, but also other drivers were really impatient and unethical. Riding too fast on a puddle which splashed the water to other motorcyclists, cars were moving recklessly, dirty pollution coming out from the buses, and all other bad stuffs just happened in one single evening. It was hellish, madness, and really tiring. But fortunately, nothing bad happens. I did not see any accidents or any fights which made riding through the traffic can be done without anxiety. For all riders that read this post, I hope if you experienced or will experience things like this, do not let emotion take control of you, stay calm, and tolerate others. I might seems hard, but it’s the best we can do to not let bad things gone worse. As always everyone, Enjoy and Ride Safely!


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