2014 New Honda CBR300R, New Design, New Engine!

New Honda CBR300R Tricolor
New Honda CBR300R Tricolor

A very surprising news came from the 12th China international motorcycle trade exhibition in Chongqing this year. A revelation of the 2014 new Honda CBR300R that will surely replace the Honda CBR250R, just like how Ninja 250R was then replaced by Ninja 300R. The full details are not yet been revealed, but the photos are already can be seen from a couple of sources. By the look of the design, 2014 Honda CBR300R will not take the design of the previous Honda CBR250R, but more on like Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade and Honda CBR500R.

New Honda CBR300R Red
New Honda CBR300R Red

Surely, if it will come to Indonesia, it will not be the newHonda CBR300R, but new Honda CBR250R. Why so? Because of the PPnBm (Pajak Penjualan atas Barang Mewah / Sales Tax on Luxury Goods) will surely charge for motorcycle bigger than 250cc. This case is also similar with how Ninja 300R became Ninja 250R in Indonesia. Thinking of changing Honda CBR250R to new Honda CBR300R?

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