News of New Honda CBR150R and It’s Price… And The difference with CBR250R

New Honda CBR150R Color
New Honda CBR150R Color

I just got some news regarding to the upcoming release of Honda CBR150R to Indonesia with new colors, stripes, and  price. With the information that I obtained, the price of New Honda CBR150R will be around 41,750,00o IDR for the standard edition, and 42,500,000 IDR for the Repsol edition in which the price of Honda CBR250R Non-ABS is 45,000,000 IDR for the standard edition, and 46,000,000 IDR for the Repsol edition. That is not a big difference in price for the CBR, and it also brings heavy consideration to the market whether they will choose the Honda CBR150R or just go for CBR250R Non-ABS. Will you go for CBR150R, or just invest a little bit more on CBR250R?


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