3 Basic Safety Motorcycle Tips While Riding in Jakarta


As a citizen of Jakarta, you may have known and experienced the city’s traffic. The number of private vehicles, public transportation, and pedestrians exceed the road capacity. Accidents may be inevitable in some cases, and there are a lot of them as we can see from the news or from our own eyes.

Riding in Jakarta with a motorcycle can be very relaxing and enjoyable. With different personal opinions, some of us prefer to ride a motorcycle rather than using the public transportation or cars. But the rate of accident happened in our big city is quite big. Thankfully, the number of accidents are getting smaller especially during Mudik on this year Lebaran.

Eventhough that the number of accidents are getting smaller, that does not mean that there will not be any accidents any more. No one knows, but we can try to avoid it by following riding rules and basic safety knowledge I would like to share some motorcycle safety tips from my experience riding in Jakarta.

1. Wear proper gear / clothing

If something ever happen to us while riding a motorcycle, our body will have a direct contact to the accident.  We want to avoid any injuries such as scratch, broken bone, or the worst, death. The good thing is that we can avoid these from happening by wearing a proper set of clothing such as helmet, jacket (or one piece suit), gloves, pants (not shorts), and boots (at least shoes). While we have major injuries and death cases, many riders still underrate the importance of proper clothing and still think that wearing proper clothing is to avoid police officers. This is a wrong mindset and very risky, and wearing proper clothing actually makes you look cooler and more professional, and it is the most basic motorcycle safety guidance that you have to know.

Proper Riding Gear
Proper Riding Gear

2. Put only necessary and important accessories, and always check them before riding

Modifications are done to make our bike looks cooler and unique. There are various available accessories that can be purchased with affordable price around Jakarta, and with the help of experts, we can easily install them on our bike. The question is, are all accessories needed? Is changing the basic accessories is necessary? The answer depends on your bike type and usage. Remember, we are riding on city streets, not circuit. Installing too many and unneccessary accessories might disturb other’s concertration and causes accidents.

3. Rules are made NOT to be broken

They are there for a reason. Something happened, and people try to avoid it from happening again. This is a serious case that people tend to forget and underestimate. Such common violation done by motorcyclists are passing/jumping the red light, aggressive lane crossing, forgetting the turn signal, not looking on the side mirror, and texting while riding. For more information on traffic regulations, please visit this and this. Even if you know the motorcycle safety tips but you keep breaking the rules, that means nothing while you are on the streets.

That is it for 3 basic motorcycle safety knowledge in Jakarta that I can share to you fellow riders. I have been riding for years and experienced some misfortune while riding my motorcycle which I hope that it will not happen again on me or on any other riders. There are also times when we obey the rules while others not which may cause accidents to us as well. As I said before, some accidents may be inevitable, but we have to try as careful as possible by following the rules. Riding is really fun, but seeing those at home is important too. Enjoy and Ride Safely!


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