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A few days ago, Inside Helmet was allowed to switch bike from Honda CBR250R to Kawasaki Z250. The owner of Kawasaki said that I could do some testing and write an article about it. And so the test begin on a very sunny January 29th, 2013. (Post Reference: We Switched Bikes) And here is the Kawasaki Z250 Review.

Kawasaki Z250 'Front2'

From the looks of it, Kawasaki Z250, with its black body paint, does have its strong appearance. Handling looks powerful as it tells you that Z250 is such a manly lower class street fighter you could ever have which is actually the smaller version of Z1000 and z800, but with Ninja 250R (300R) platform. The riding ergonomic is not as low as its brother, Kawasaki Ninja 250R (300R), but the sound of its engine and exhaust is the same as they have 2 cylinders, unlike the single cylinder Honda CBR250R. The cockpit also looks nice with its digital HUD, and the headlamps is bright enough to light the dark city streets.

That’s about the introduction of Kawasaki Z250, and here is the testing methods and the score of riding it.


Testing Methods
I rode Kawasaki Z250 mostly  around East and South Jakarta which is pretty crowded in some time such as in morning and evening rush hour. After I got the bike, I tested it through low density area to get the exact feeling of riding Z250. The next day, I rode it to my office in Bulungan, through high density and traffic jam around Cawang and Kapten Tendean area. The other method that I tried is to ride Z250 through a very narrow road which can only be accessed with 1 or 2 vehicle in Cipinang Perumpung.

What I like about Kawasaki Z250

  • Great speed and acceleration, a combination of streetbike acceleration and top speed of Ninja 250R (300R).
  • The powerful and soft sound of Bee Tech exhaust makes Hizkia’s Z250 performs strong and gentle.
  • Light and easy handling even in high density road and low speed riding.
  • Lightweight bike for 250 class. I tried to make a U-turn in a very narrow road, and it lifted up with less burden.
  • Less tiring than its brother. Because the riding position is not as low as Ninja 250 (300R).

What I do not quite like about Kawasaki Z250

  • Even though it is lightweight bike, but the rear passenger grip is quite rough and hard that it hurt my hands while holding and turning the bike in the narrow road.
  • Stiff seats for riders and the passenger. I rode with 2 different passengers and they commented that the seat was too stiff and uncomfortable for a long riding.
  • A little uneasy feeling while turning in a higher speed. Probably because of the type of the handling bar.
  • Not suitable for everyday economical ride. It probably could drink 2 times in a week for 30km a day.
  • The black color version of Z250 is too dark for streets in Jakarta, which some drivers may not clearly see your motorcycle and may be dangerous. The white and red color version has brighter color at night.
Shot with flash light: on
Shot with flash light: on

It was a short try out, and this is how I feel about the bike. It’s a good bike for a good time and good road, but I don’t think that it suits for everyday bike if you try to be economical especially in Jakarta. Unless you live in a place with less traffic jam and good road condition, or it is also fun to ride it on the weekends (Hizkia and I rode around SCBD before we switched back, and it was a good experience with Z250). Nevertheless, Kawasaki Z250 is surely a very powerful 250 class street fighter bike that is worth to try. The price now is Rp 48,500,000 On-The-Road and could be updated from time to time (Source: Kawasaki Indonesia). I hope the review helps you to get the image of Kawasaki Z250 through Inside Helmet test ride. Enjoy and Ride Safely!

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