Motorcycle Wave – Do Indonesians Rider Wave to Each Other?


Most of you probably already know about the motorcycle wave, right? I learned and usually see this through videos in YouTube. I like how riders develop such motorcycle wave to respect one and another. It shows that motorcycle brings people together, just like many people say “Two Wheels One Soul”, we are riding different kinds of motorcycle from different brands, but still we are one together.

Motorcycle Wave
Motorcycle Wave

So, probably most of you already know about the motorcycle wave or riding wave or any names that you know, but I would like to give a explain shortly for readers who may not know about “The Wave” (don’t Google The Wave, the results are different).
Basically it’s how riders say ‘hi’ to other riders. Some say its the way to respect for the people with the same interest and passion in motorcycle. If you want to read more about the motorcycle wave, how-to, and how-not-to, you may visit these 2 sites that I read before. This one and this one. You can find more detailed explanations there.

I am not going to go for the theory of The Wave, but I would like to share you my experience with it in Indonesia (actually I tested in Jakarta only).

First of all, do I wave to all riders? Well, if you know the number of motorcyclists that you meet everyday in Jakarta, I’d say NO. I don’t wave to every riders.
The amount of motorcycle out there in Jakarta is just too many. Waving to all of them is probably a bad idea though.

Motorcycle in Jakarta
Motorcycle in Jakarta

Second, so what kind of riders do I wave to? By looking at the type of the motorcycle. I don’t discriminate, it’s just like in the first point. I have to filter the number, and most of these people probably do not understand The Wave, so why bother? Back then while I was experimenting, I did it to riders using 250CC class and the bigger ones (Honda CBR150R was included).

Motorcycle Wave - The Wave
Motorcycle Wave – The Wave

And after several days of riding and experimenting (while I was riding my Honda CBR250R), now I know the answer to “Do Indonesians Rider Wave to Each Other?”. The answer is YES, some of them do. Because I am the one experimenting, so I initiated The Wave first and see whether they waved back or not. Some of them didn’t wave back (and they have their own reasons I guess), some of them replied by waving, some of them replied with honk, but sadly I never see someone wave at me first up to this moment. Still, we wave to each other. This can be a good way for me to increase the awareness of The Wave. What I see more in “The Wave” is that this is one of the best way to break the ice with other riders. Maybe some think that meeting other riders may give negative influence (ex: arrogance), but The Wave can let them know that riders also respect other riders regardless of the type and how big the engine is. Remember, “Two Wheels One Soul”!

If you are Indonesians, do you wave to other riders? If not, let’s start! Enjoy and Ride Safely!

Motorcycle Wave - The Wave Meme
Motorcycle Wave – The Wave Meme


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