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Honda Vario CBS Idling Stop 'Logo'

The new version and improved technology in one of Honda’s leading scooter, Honda Vario CBS 125 Idling Stop system, has been tested by Inside Helmet last weekend. The sporty looks of the scooter gives Honda Vario CBS a cooler image of a scooter. It was tested alone and with passenger along the road from Pondok Bambu to Cipinang Perumpung. The road was crowded and there were many holes due to the heavy rain that has been storming Jakarta in the past few days.

Honda Vario CBS Idling Stop 'Front'

Honda Vario
Honda Vario is known as one of the most advanced scooters in the Honda Scooter series. With the CBS Idling Stop system, not only its comfortable riding position that gives a plus point, but also the speed detection that allows Honda Vario to ‘sleep’ while you are stopping. The engine will be put to the sleep mode (almost like it is totally off), while it’s technology minimize the use of fuel while idling or stopping. As many case like riders have stop to buy something or just to call someone over the phone that they have to stop somewhere safe for a moment. Rather than keeping the bike on, the engine will slow down their process and will continue with a little touch on the throttle. This also happens when you stop waiting for the green light. The speedometer also looks sporty to be compared with other scooter.

Honda Vario CBS Idling Stop 'Speedometer'

What I like about Honda Vario CBS ‘Idling Stop’

  • Sporty looks and comfortable wide seat. The fuel and KM indicator is using LED.
  • Easily controlled handling on low or high density road. (I am used to ride Honda CBR250R, but I didn’t have much problem adapting myself with the handling with Honda Vario CBS).
  • Smooth movement while moving with low speed, but you can take up the speed if you want to.
  • Idling Stop that reduces the use of fuel while stopping.
  • Quite engine starter unlike other regular scooters.
  • A quite big storage below the seat to store little things that you want to bring while riding.

Honda Vario CBS Idling Stop 'Button'

What I do not really like about Honda Vario CBS ‘Idling Stop’

  • Non-controllable bike’s front lamp. It is automatically on due to the law that motorcycles have to turn on the lights, but that does not mean that the bike should not have light controller.
  • No hand brake to stop the bike from moving when parking
  • Manual keyhole lock, unlike other new scooters that allow riders to lock the keyhole automatically. If you forget to lock it, then it will stay opened.
  • The side mirror somehow is quite zoomed that it confused me for some time.

I tried the bike for one day, since that was the only day that I could use the bike. It was borrowed from my father, and we live in different house. So using his bike would be troublesome if I have to borrow it for a couple of days.

Honda Vario CBS Idling Stop 'Back'

Overall, it is a great city scooter. Obviously one of the most advanced technology ever put in Honda Vario series. The Idling Stop is a very useful innovation in which it recommends us to save some fossil fuel and create a more green environment. Imagine if everyone is stopping in the middle of traffic jam. The amount of CO2 produced by vehicles is probably to much for us to handle, but with this technology, at least some of the energies are saved, and we live in a better environment. Enjoy and Ride Safely!


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