Diecast, Maisto Honda CBR600RR


The package that I was waiting for has finally came. It was sent by kodok_kotak, a Toko Bagus user, that sells various types of Diecast Model Kits. What I ordered for the first time is Maisto Honda CBR600RR. A dream bike should be started from the small parts, and so here I go. The model kit was packed inside the Maisto Box with the finished product shown on the cover. The parts were prepared inside for us to assemble. The seller asked me whether I would like to assemble myself, or just to receive the finished model. But I guess doing to by yourself would bring a personal satisfaction, so I chose to assemble it myself.

I did it together with my girlfriend since I usually use to much power that could break some parts while assembling them. And so here is the bike:

BoxClose Up Front Back Right Balcony


This is my first assembled Diecast from Maisto, and I really hope to get another one if possible (it’s pretty hard find the ready stock shop of the motorcycle that I want). The result of this Diecast is awesome, it has a working suspension at the back as well. The color is bright, and some people say that I can modify the bike if I have other parts that can fit in, or just made by myself if I could. Right now I am still looking for the new Honda CBR1000RR (either Repsol or Tri-Color) with 1:12 scale, but the sellers said it has been stop from production. So I really need to find someone who are willing to sell it with a reasonable price. Anyways, that’s my Diecast Honda CBR600RR from Maisto, what’s your collections? Enjoy and Ride Safely!

Seller: http://kodok_kotak.tokobagus.com/


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