December Rainy Riding


It’s almost the end of the year, and tomorrow is a Christmas Day. It is a holiday and it is rainy season. Such a bad weather for such a good end of the year. But nevertheless, let’s end it for good for a better new year shall we.

In Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, it has been raining every day. Heavy rain and strong wind have been snuggling through our city. This may stop riders to ride their motorcycles outside since they may catch a cold. But, why not?

People around you probably tell you not to ride during the rain since its slippery and cold, but sometimes there are cases that we need to get somewhere as fast as possible, or just simply because you love rain. For me, I just simply love the rain… and sometimes need to get somewhere as fast as possible. I will not share the benefits of rainy riding, since I also cannot call it as benefits, but I can share the enjoyable experience riding through the rain and why sometimes you have to go through it, the risks, and tips to do so.

Benefits The Good Thing
For those people who like rainy season, like me, sometimes it is enjoyable to ride during the rain. Water splashing,  looks more adventurous, and thank God it is not boiling hot. Other than the (weird) enjoyment, you also get to your destination much faster rather than waiting until the rain stops. During rainy season, the rain may lasts for hours and as well the traffic jam as the after effect.

The Risks
Slippery road, foggy, and puddle. Of course, rainy riding brings you risks that you have to be careful of. If you are careless, you might fell from your motorcycle on the slippery road which is sometimes covered by mud. Your view range may also decreased due to the fog or the heavy rain. And also possibilities that you may fell because of some holes hidden in the puddle.

The Recommendation
Probably this is the most important section. If you want to ride during the rain, you have your own reasons to do so. Probably you need to go home very fast because your wife suddenly sick, or you have to attend your child’s birthday, or your Favorite TV Show is about to go on, just any reason that you can think of. The risks is also important, because nobody wants to get hurt right? But at least we can avoid the risks by being careful and probably some tips which can help you to ride during the rain.

  • Use Proper gear
    Avoid any thin clothing if it is rainy season. You have to be well prepared for the unpredictable weather (even the weather caster can be wrong too). Rain coat, gloves, pants, socks, and shoes/boats  are must and preferably the thick and warm ones. When you have to get through the rain, you want to cover your body as tight and warm as possible so your body do not get wet as much as if you use some thin clothing. Warm clothing can also prevent you from getting cold and flu.
  • Always keep your lights on and keep your eyes open
    Light helps other drivers and riders to know your position. Remember that your view range may decreased due to fog and heavy rain. You better watch out for other drivers/riders, puddles, mud, oily surface, and trees.
  • Make sure your destination has a warm shower to clean your self, extra clothes, and preferably hot chocolate as well. You might want to try it on your way home, not on your way to the office in the morning. Usually people tend to get sleepy after this.
  • Have your stomach filled already. Do not go when you haven’t eat anything. Empty stomach will only get things worse. *Growl*
  • Put your electronic devices in a safe place so it will not get wet. You do not want your gadgets to be broken right? Putting them inside a plastic bag is also recommended.
  • Maintain your speed and riding position. Riding too fast is not recommended since you may need to brake if something ever happen suddenly. Sudden braking on slippery road is quite dangerous and you may lose balance. ABS and good tires may help, but it is still not recommended. Ride comfortably.
  • Wait until the rain stops. Chill out, drink hot drinks, chat with your friends, play mobile games, etc. If you cannot go through the rain, the best recommendation is still to wait until the rain stops. Waiting can be a pain in the ass, but try to find something to do while waiting. If you are in urgent needs to go quickly, then go safely, if not, you should wait until the rain stops. You might see rainbows over the sky on your way home afterwards.

Rainy riding or sunny riding, what’s important is for us to be careful on the road. Safety is the most important thing to take care of before the riding fun experience. May this information be useful for you, and always be prepared for the weather. Enjoy, Ride Safely, and Happy Holidays everyone!


Arvy Este
Founder and Writer of Inside Helmet
Motorcycle Blog and Vlog Indonesia
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