Crashed CBR250R Gone Naked


A friend of mine, who rides CBR250R just had a very unfortunate accident a few days ago. It was at night and it was quite dark on the road along side BKT Cipinang Indah. There was one car in front of him that was driving slowly, and he decided to take over the car through the right lane. Suddenly 2 cyclists walked across the street while my friend was overtaking the car. He was shocked and tried to break as fast as possible. But the bike lost its balance and flipped over. The bike was dragged alongside the road, and my friend was flipped over. Thankfully no damage were done to the cyclists, but unfortunately, my friend got some injuries on his left foot and his bike was quite damaged.

Totally Naked Honda CBR250R Picture 1
Totally Naked Honda CBR250R Picture 2


After this incident, he could not ride his bike for a while because of his injuries. For his bike? It was still okay though some parts need some adjustments (as seen from the picture above, I tested the bike for a ride). Right now he’s planning to repair his bike with 2 choices. The first choice is to repair it like it used to look like, the second choice to modified it to become a naked Honda CBR250R. Let’s see how this will be developed in a couple of days and I will for sure post the update after everything is settled.

Better be careful on the road next time fellow riders! Wish him some luck!


Arvy Este
Founder and Writer of Inside Helmet



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