An update from my Honda CBR250R and A Little Teaser for Next Updates


*Finally, internet went back to normal after several days of down time*

A couple days ago, I had to change my indicator lamp back to the original since the one that I bought just keep falling off. I suppose it was because the indicator lamp that I bought is not made for Honda CBR250R, but for Kawasaki Ninja 250R. What I don’t like about the original Honda CBR250R indicator lamp is that the size is too big that it often nudge other riders for some reason.

IMG_20140228_125359_1Another thing that I did to my bike was to clean its chain, and it was awful. Rain and flood have become an everyday view in Jakarta in the past couple of days, and sometimes I had to ride my bike to these areas. Once I clean its chain on a sunny day, here’s what I got:

  • Rusty chain and stuck link (it gives a  *TOK* sound in 1 rotation of the chain while moving).
  • No chain connector, so I have to cut it with a grinder in order to take it off to fix the stuck link.

Poor Chain


It saddened me and I felt guilty for not cleaning it up frequently. One other thing that became a trouble back then was the ABS indicator that blinks all the time even though I had change the ABS brake. The original price might take about 600,000 IDR, but I took it to a brake specialist which cost me 60,00o IDR by using the same plates. But still, the ABS Indicator still blinks, and fortunately the brake works perfectly.

Though its sad to see my bike needs extra care from now on, here’s a happy news comes with a photo teaser to figure out. I’m 100% sure you all can guess what it is.

Update TeaserAn obvious teaser for a new toy coming in March 22nd, 2014! I can’t wait to it see it next week, and there will be a YouTube channel for Inside Helmet in the future as well. Stay tuned for the next updates, Enjoy and Ride Safely!


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